Thursday, August 12, 2010

we can't rewind, we're locked in time,

but you're still mine.

I wish a lot of things could be different about my high school life so far - a lot of stupid things that don't matter, like why didn't I get skinny and try out for cheerleading? Or why didn't I say hi to that person sooner? But what I'll regret more than anything is not paying enough attention. I'm never going to remember some of the funniest things that happened because I've already forgotten them. I feel old and tired already. I hope that my life hasn't already reached it's peak and the rest is all downhill. I guess we'll see.

Some funny things that I still remember and don't want to forget:

- Secret Flaps
- SAT class with Carolina, Cristina, Taylor, Cathy, Hannah, Lindsey, Carter, Sarah, Andie, etc. Funny conversations EVERY DAY.
-Meeting alex and talking about Ugly Diapers.
- Cristina freaking out about Dean Winchester and running through my living room
-Colby talking about Avatars, Alex Schaening, and Pre-Cal class in general. Kevin sneaking out the room to play hacky sack and ms noblitt flipping shit.
-Us thinking we were about to get murdered in the westgate church parking lot.
other stuff ill add later so i can look back on it

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